About us

BIOMAUFEL is a quality label of the IVLB (Interessegemeinschaft fir Vermaartung vu LĂ«tzebuerger Bio-Fleesch asbl.)

How did the label come into existence?

BIOMAUFEL is a Luxembourgish quality label, which was founded by the IVLB in 2009. The initial idea was to offer organic meat of a superior quality from different types of animals under one common label. Today, the label comprises 30 organic farms, all of which are members of the IVLB and respect the strict standards of organic agriculture 100%. With this label we can guarantee the farmers a set revenue from their products.

What are the advantages of organic meat?

The breeding, rearing and feeding of all our animals follow strict criteria for organic farming with respect to the welfare of the animals. In addition to EU regulations, the members of the label adhere to further species-specific criteria regarding livestock farming.

Species-appropriate rearing and the use of ecologically produced feed, which is primarily produced on our own farms, are fundamental in ecological animal husbandry. The cycle of nature plays an important role in organic farming. Thus, organic farms limit the number of animals they raise based on how much feed their soil can produce.

As half of the fields in Luxembourg are used exclusively as pastureland, sheep, goats and cattle play an important part in our agriculture. Our animals are able to transform the green grass from the pastures into a valuable, high-quality meat. In addition, they produce natural fertiliser, which is used in the production of grains, such as soft wheat.

The EU regulations that forbid the use of chemical and synthetic products are incorporated in our own criteria.

How does the quality control work?

Since 2010, BIOMAUFEL is a monitored quality label which operates in accordance with strict criteria in regards to animal husbandry, feeding and the sustainability of the farms. These regulations go beyond the rules for organic farming set by the EU. This way, we can guarantee that our cattle, pigs, chicken and sheep are raised under ecological and natural conditions.

At least once a year, each one of our members, from the farmers to the butchers, are subject to a control by an independent company to make sure that all the criteria are respected. The results of these quality controls are reported to the IVLB and the Ministry of Agriculture.